Welcome! :3

Welcome to Hunajasieni's burrow. Please sit down, take cup of tea and enjoy yourself here.

What do we have here?

  • Home page is this page. How surprising!
  • In About me page you will find something about meee~
  • Profiles section you will find my dollyprofiles, even though they are almost always incomplete, but oh well. I will update them once in while, when I have time and energy to do that.
  • Pics will have pictures about dolls, pets, me and so on...
  • Links have some links to other sites, not mine. :3

And now you can try it out.

Sidebar's other pages (mine)

  • Shop has commision info and some premade stuff.
  • Honeydolls is my dollyprojects. Hopefully someday I can have some casted...
  • Dollyblog in other hand is in livejournal, so that link directs there. It's in English mostly, some stories are in English and Finnish.
  • Dollylist is small info about my BJD-dolls. It contains all tecnichal information about them. List is in English.

More information can be found on those sites, so what are you waiting for!


Random Ending

To the Candy Mountain Charlie!


Lots of dollies... they never stop coming, no matter how much you buy... ♥

I am... Honeymushroom!

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