Hunajasieni's Blythe list

name: company: doll: body: gender: special (color): mold: year: customized: finished:
Ruska Takara V-Smash Azone Pure Neemo Flection XS
SBL 2005 some X
Talvi Takara Cute and Curious Pullip type 3 (taller!)
SBL 2006 all X
Apila Takara Prima Dolly Violetina Azone Pure Neemo S/LL-bust blind 1 eye SBL 2008 all X
Taiga Takara Tarts and Tea Blythe original
RBL 2010 some X
Norella Takara Baby's Breath Pullip type 3 (taller!)
RBL 2009 all X
Sia, Hortensia Takara Dear Lele Girl Obitsu 21cm ws really pale RBL 2010 little X

Takara Friendly Freckles Azone Pure Neemo M/LL-bust ? paint white? RBL 2009 all


name: company: doll: other info: gender: special (color): mold: finished: customized:
Emmi Hasbro B# 12 (brown hair) Littlest Pet Shop Blythe
Sally Hasbro B# 43 (viol. Pink. Hair) Littlest Pet Shop Blythe